November 18, 2021

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software

As the world keeps on revolutionizing so has the hospitality industry, gone are the days where the hospitality sector relied on manual forms for making reservations, check-in guests, and check-out guests. Now you have the emergence of a Property Management System (PMS) to effectively run your hospitality business. 

A Hotel Management software provides a set of solutions that hoteliers use to manage all aspects of their hotel business operations.  It serves as the center of hotel operations and ensures the seamless flow of inter-departmental information, this helps hotel staff to better coordinate the operational functions across all the departments. There are two major types of Hotel Management Software;

On-Premises: This runs as an app on your computer, it provides you with a simple set of solutions to effectively manage your hotel, data is stored on a remote server in your property, it requires no internet to access it.

Cloud-Based: This hotel management software offers you real-time access to the software at any time, in any part of the world, all it requires is internet service. It is an innovative, easy, and cost-effective way to manage all your hotel operations.

This blog post would be focused on Cloud-based Hotel Management Software and how it can be greatly beneficial to you.

Benefits Of Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software

As explained above the cloud-based software automates all operations of your hotel while giving you real-time access to the software from anywhere in the world and at any time. The cloud revolution is conquering the world notwithstanding the country, industry, or organizational structure and size. The hospitality industry has not been left out on this as it has steadily advanced from the traditional simplistic method of hotel management to a cloud-based hotel management software. Here are five reasons why using a cloud-based system would be beneficial to your hotel.

  • Accessible Anywhere-Anytime: While traditional systems(on-premises) comes with restricted access most requiring you to be at the property which it’s installed, cloud-based gives you the option to perform various operational and managerial tasks remotely, you can work as well as monitor your property effectively from the comfort of your home or in a restaurant or leisure park. Horeca Cloud Hotel management software was designed in a user-friendly way which makes it accessible on any type of device allowing hoteliers to stay on top of everything going on in their hotel right from their mobile devices regardless of where they are. Carry out reservations, check-ins, check-outs, room service, report generations, etc. all from whatever device you are on and from anywhere not just the hotel.
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership: Gettin a licensed On-Premises PMS usually requires a huge sum of capital to acquire which in most cases excludes initial setup fees, there are also additional costs which include hardware server costs, IT staff expenses to manage the system, maintenance fees, and the expenses of other 3rd party software integrations. These expenses can payable for large-scale hotel businesses but for medium-sized and small-scaled hotel businesses it would be a burden. That said a fully functional cloud-based hotel management software would greatly bring down your operational closets because it does not require all the dedicated servers, IT infrastructures, staff training, regular maintenance, and dedicated manpower which is required from on-premises hotel management software. It is affordable and requires only a one-time set-up system with a minimal subscription fee. Check out Horeca Cloud Price Structure
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency: Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software helps you automate most of the operations in your hotel which would normally require a lot of man-hours to get done. A cloud-based system helps you streamline your whole process, everything from bookings, reservations, rate management, revenue management, night audit, check-ins/outs becomes easily carried out, freeing up your staff to provide an exceptional guest experience and greatly increasing guest retention. The best part is all these are done automatically and updated in real-time.
  • Reduce Security Concerns: Cloud-Based hotel management Software offers you a more reliable and safer means of securing your data, storing previously accumulated data on a server tends to pose a lot of difficulties such as loss of data, expensive investment in a reliable anti-virus and backup server, etc. Using cloud-based management software greatly reduces the risk of data loss as all your data is stored in a secured cloud and no heavy amount of investment is required to secure your data, you also no longer need to fear downtime. In order to provide you with the best security option, Horeca Cloud offers you regular security checks and upgrades to ensure that your data is secured which does not require any form of manual intervention.
  • Improve Guest Experience: Cloud-based Hotel Management Software allows you to connect with guests before, during, and after staying at your property. They allow you to track guests’ details, special requests, and feedback. You can monitor guest activities and pay attention to their needs and desires which goes a long way in increasing their loyalty to you. Also with the automation of all business operations, you can check guests in and out of your hotel faster which would reduce their wait time at the front desk and frees up the staff to provide exceptional guest services.

Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software has become essential to hoteliers and a preferred choice due to its many benefits. So why not make that switch today and experience the benefits of having fully functional Hotel management software.

Horeca Cloud Software not only provides you with exceptional fully functional Cloud-based software but we also provide On-Premises Software for Hotels who which to manage their property offline. Our all-in-one solution allows hoteliers to increase revenue, boost online booking, attract guests, increase guest retention and increase productivity. Contact us now to get on board.