October 21, 2021

5 Marvelous Benefits Of Using A Booking Engine

As a hotel owner, you want to sell as many rooms in your property while also guaranteeing guest satisfaction to promote a high rate of returning guests, it is your duty to ensure the seamless booking process of all your guests, in order to achieve this effortlessly booking engines become important. In recent times a large number of hospitality businesses like hotels, lodgings, serviced apartments, restaurants, etc. have turned to acquire new reservations online and at the lowest cost. Convincing people to make reservations or return to your hotel is no small feat as you have to ensure you offer superior services, starting from the baseline you have to ensure seamless interaction between potential guests and your website as this would most likely be the first contact guest have with your property. 

As a hotelier, you must know that it is important to integrate a booking engine into your website. Integrating a good booking engine that easily lets people book with your property and gives people the option to serve themselves by allowing for self-check of room availability and rates in real-time would help foster direct bookings to your property, reducing the sole dependence on online travel agents and boosting your revenue. It now comes down to integrating a good booking engine that would offer your guests this seamless interaction but before we dive in deep into the benefits of having a booking engine let’s fully understand what a booking engine is.

Booking Engine

A booking engine is an application or software primarily used to collect reservations and payment information from guests which are then integrated with the hotel management software such as PMS, channel manager, or payment gateway. They are used by hospitality businesses to get direct bookings via their website, social media, or other channels used for marketing. Most online booking engines can be integrated into an existing hotel website solely for the purpose of acting as a reservation processing system. An online booking engine serves as a means for your hotel to get direct commission-free bookings online thereby maximizing your profit. 

As the world advances technologically most people now turn to the internet as a source of making reservations with a hospitality business which is why having a booking engine integrated into your website or any other channels used for marketing becomes beneficial, here are 5 benefits of having an online booking engine.

  • Direct Bookings Online: Booking Engines help foster the direct sales of rooms in your property, thereby eliminating the over-reliance and commissions from third parties and OTA’s, this significantly increases hotel profit margins and lowers guest acquisition costs, it turns your website into an online store for reserving rooms which is available 24/7. In a previous post, we talked about ways of maximizing online bookings, some of the ways include organizing email campaigns and advertising through social media, yes these ways foster direct sales when properly utilized but having a reservation system for your hotel also makes a major difference as it would give you complete control over the whole booking experience and enhance the guest experience.
  • Serves as a Source of Extra revenue: Guests are always on the look-out for great deals to get the best out of their hotel stay before booking with a property, it is important to fully utilize your website to get the best out of it, for most hotel business their website is like a market place offering guest special rates, promotional codes, discounts, promotional offers for returning guest and extra services like free Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, local tours and site seeing activities. These offers can serve as a major source of revenue for your business and your website would serve as the perfect place to promote these services to your guests, which would give them a good reason to book directly with you.
  • Reduces the Workload of your Administrative Staff: It simplifies the administrative workload of your staff and yours as well, some hotel websites make use of contact forms for guests to book with them online this tends to cause confusion sometimes and stresses your staff who would have to compile the list of the staffs manually compared to when using an online booking engine that does most of the work for you, giving you more time to interact with guest and enhance their experience while also ensuring your staffs become more efficient and organized. Using an efficient booking engine that can be integrated with your hotel management software, a PMS like Horeca Cloud would ensure seamless integration of your booking engine which would automatically update the records and bookings of all guests.
  • Fully Integrated Payment Gateways: Most online booking engines are equipped with various payment options which would allow guests to use their credit cards or make payment transfers directly from your website, all procedures are made available by the system which will safely process the booking and payment details of your guests, which will save time and offer a secure way of payment for both you and your guests.
  • Boosts Guest Loyalty and Improves Guest Experience: Having a booking engine integrated into your website that would allow guests to book their preferred room type from any device and any way in the world, with short forms and payment portals would make the booking process simple, fast, and enjoyable. This would leave the first impression on your guests as it would most likely be their first contact with your hotel, so in order to leave a lasting positive impact on their impression of your brand your website and booking engine must be user friendly to ensure your guest complete the whole booking process. This not only improves guests’ experience significantly but also boosts loyalty among guests, the booking engine captures both returning guests and new ones as it guarantees a smooth guest experience.

A booking engine does go a long way in improving the guest experience, maximizing revenue, and promoting guest loyalty and it is highly beneficial to all property owners. Having a property management system (PMS) that can be fully integrated with your booking engine would automate all your booking processes and save you a lot of operational time. A PMS like Horeca Cloud would automate all updates of your availability, pricing, new bookings, cancellations, payment details, and many more which would lessen your workload and save you, or time to focus on growing your business. Visit Horeca Cloud Website now and find out more ways to grow your business.