November 3, 2021

9 Astoundingly Simple Ways To Improve The Guest Experience

Hoteliers are faced with the ever rapidly changing behaviors, expectations, and tastes from guests, a lot goes into getting a guest to return to your property, you have to be capable of tailoring the needs and expectations of each guest in a unique way that would ensure the guest would be urged to return to your property to re-live such experience, such guest would also serve as a source of free advertising to you as the guest would be compelled to invite friends and family to share the experience with them. Being able to provide a stellar experience and service to guests doesn’t just reward your business with repeat guests and free advertising, it also rewards you with amazing reviews online which gives your business organic traffic. Achieving all this is no small fit, you have to constantly be improving and upgrading your guest experience and services. Here are some simple, quick, and economical tips on improving the guest experience.

  • Interact With Your Guests Before Arrival: it is important to touch base with your guest before they arrive at your property, once a potential guest makes a reservation with your property they officially become your guests regardless of how long till they check-in, so it’s important to make a positive impact with them. You can send pre-arrival emails to guests welcoming them to your property and highlighting all the amenities and interests to them, for repeat guests ensure you highlight new features of your property. 
  • Simplify The Booking Process: In the hospitality industry the first impression people have of you goes a long way in determining if they would book with your property, your website is the first contact people have with your property online so you must ensure your website is guest-friendly and well stocked with beautiful and high-resolution images of your property attractive enough to instill curiosity in them and compel them to book. If you don’t have a website but are registered on various OTA’s then ensure the information in them is correctly filled and stocked with images of your property. Offer attractive deals on your site that would compel visitors to your site to make reservations, ensure the booking process is seamless and easy to use for you would have to integrate a booking engine in your website. Also, provide visitors with various options to contact you and ensure you respond to their inquiries quickly.
  • Speed Up The Check-Ins And Check-Out Process: No one enjoys being kept waiting, you wouldn’t like to be kept waiting at a front desk to check in similarly your guests won’t like to be kept waiting. Install a front desk management system that would hasten the whole check-in and check-out process. You can also give your guest a chance to perform self-check-in and checkout by using such technology, which also helps automate the communication between the front desk and the guests and delight tech-savvy guests.
  • Offer Complimentary Room Services And Freebies: Your guest experience can go a long way by offering free services such as free wi-fi, free room services, free shuttle to the airport, or nearby attractions. This is an effective strategy that would win guests over to your property. You can also stock your rooms with a beverage station, allowing guests to be able to make their beverages like coffee and tea, ensuring it is well-stocked, you could also go the extra mile by adding sweets and chocolates. 

  • Ensure the Cleanliness and Maintenance of all Rooms: This may seem like an obvious point but so many hoteliers tend to overlook the maintenance of rooms on their property. Something as minute as sawdust from furniture can tick off a guest and ruin your guest experience. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the number of guests checking in and out of your property and tend to overlook some rooms in need of cleaning or maintenance. It is advisable to install an efficient hotel software that would generate an arrival list for you beforehand and help you keep track of rooms that need cleaning or maintenance. For instance, Horeca Cloud has a housekeeping module that categorizes all your rooms into a clean category, dirty category, in need of maintenance category, and out-of-order category, you have also be notified once a guest checks out and provided with an arrival list of guests beforehand, all this would help you keep track of all the rooms in your property.
  • Always be Available 24/7: Ensure that the guests have a way of reaching your establishment 24/7, equip all rooms with an effective communication system that allows your guest to be able to make requests and inquiries, and always ensure there is a staff on the receiving end. You can also equip each room with self-service technologies that give your guest the option of solving their problems themselves. Guests can make requests directly from their phones and you can respond directly from your hotel management system. Having such technology won’t be only convenient for your guests but your staff as well.
  • Engage with your guests on Social Media Platforms: Most guests enjoy posting their trips on various social media platforms which are mostly followed by taking quick selfies or pictures, tagging your hotel in their pictures, commenting on your posts, and other similar activities. Ensure you always respond to the posts, tags, and contents from your guests, this would encourage them to post more engaging content about your hotel and create memories with your hotel on social media platforms.
  • Respond to Feedbacks and Criticisms from your Guests: listen patiently and attentively to all the complaints your guests have to make about your property, doing this calmly not only calms down angry guests but also makes them more receptive to whatever solution you have to offer. It helps eliminate any form of miscommunication and makes the guests feel understood. Encourage your guests to leave reviews on various platforms online and spare time to respond to each review punctually, especially negative reviews, for a punctual response you can consider investing in review management software.
  • Use a Property Management Software: Invest in a reliable PMS that would automate and streamline all your day-to-day operations, giving you more time and energy to focus on maximizing guest experience and ensuring you provide the best possible stay for your guests. 

A PMS like Horeca Cloud would provide you with the majority of modules of your business for effective management of your property. If you would like to learn more about creating a memorable and unique guest experience for your guests with Horeca Cloud then Click on this link Horeca Cloud - Hospitality Management Software or contact us directly contact-us.