January 12, 2022


Choosing the right hotel management software for your system may feel overwhelming by the abundance of options to choose from and the difficulty in finding trusted advice about PMS features that most benefit your establishment. The primary concern for all hoteliers is the satisfaction of the guests, technology is one of the key tools that hoteliers can use to achieve this, hotels need to develop their management system in a way that would meet the ever-growing demand of guests which is why the hotel management system is the most important system in the entire hotel.
The hotel management system would assist in the daily and efficient running of your hotel which is why whichever PMS(Property Management System) you choose to manage your hotel must have all the features needed to manage all the facilities of your hotel, it should have an intuitive interface to facilitate front and back-office operations, as well as features for managing rates, revenue, housekeeping, and maintenance. It should also have room for third-party integrations.

Essential Functionalities of a Hotel Management Software

There are a lot of features and key functionalities to consider when choosing a PMS but we would be looking at the most useful ones.

User-Friendly Interface: When choosing a hotel management software a key feature to look for is an easy-to-use interface. a complex hotel software would end up confusing you and your staff and cost you more, you would end up spending extra money and staff training and it would limit or slow down staff performance thereby resulting in a negative staff experience.

Reservation Management: This functionality allows the hotel manager to check current room status and availability, it allows the staff to take new reservations and manage them. The software should be able to monitor group reservations and double bookings. The module also allows staff to send confirmation emails to guests after the booking is complete, this way you can ensure seamless guest communication which helps improve the guest experience.

Housekeeping/Maintainance Management: Your hotel management system should be able to keep track and mark rooms that are clean, dirty, or out of order. This would give your front-desk staff real-time insight into the status of all the rooms so they can prepare ahead of time before the guests arrives, this also helps them accommodate early check-ins and room moves without needing to check them personally.

Room Management: This functionality allows your front-desk staffs to check guests in /out, cancel or extend stays, and switch rooms. It also provides them with real-time updates on expected arrivals and expected departures as well as rooms that are occupied and rooms requiring attention.

Rate Management: the rate management functionality should allow for multiple and customizable rate plans. You should be able to easily manage packages and special offers, e.g breakfast rates. The rate management feature allows for manual customization of rates in a way to optimize sales of different departments.

Management and Storage Guest Profile: When building guest loyalty managing of guest profile is very essential, this way guest profile can be stored properly, recording each guests preference, stay history and contact information. This would enable you to deliver a more personalized guest experience and boost your revenue.

Food and Beverage Management: The food and beverage department is a major source of revenue to your hotel which is why the PMS should have a Food and Beverage functionality that provides you with POS services, billing, and room service. It should also allow for menu creation and table numbers for your restaurant or bar. The F&B functionality would be synched to the front office to allow posting from the restaurant.

Inventory Management: This functionality would help eliminate the use of books for stock control and allow you to use the software to keep track of your inventory. The PMS should have an inventory functionality that allows you to adjust inventory, create stock items, view purchase orders, receive goods delivered, stock management, monthly stock-taking, track items about to expire, track slow-moving stocks, and fast-moving stock.

Accounting: The hotel management software should offer you an accounting-compatible system that will eliminate repetitive tasks while keeping your business running smoothly. It should provide you with the following; records of income and expenditure, posting of expenses, void and discount control, creditor and debtor ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, bank statement sync, run profit, and loss, etc.

Payment Processing: You would need a PMS with a payment processor integration for guests who would rather not pay by cash or cheque. This would allow you to effortlessly charge guests’ credit cards through a secure payment gateway. So when selecting a PMS ensure to select one with a secure payment processor that does not expose your hotel to data breaches or hacking which might result in the release of guests’ personal information.

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