November 11, 2021

How to Increase Revenue This Festive Period

The holiday season is coming in just a few weeks. It is a time when guests become keener about shopping, where to spend the festive season, and whom to spend it with, it is a great opportunity to boost your sales and revenue. Guests tend to spend more during this period while also looking for the best deals, this period brings guests and hospitality businesses like yours together which is why it is the best time to boost sales and increase your profit margin.

As a Hotelier, you need to make the most of the holiday season in terms of pushing up your profits. Although this season would be the busiest time for you, it is important you pay close attention to your guest services, product offerings, and marketing techniques that could make your bookings rise as well as plummet.

Here are some effective strategies to help you increase revenue:

Strategy 1: Host events & create packages

There are so many options for guests to choose from so to get your hotel to stand out during this festive season and entice new guests, you have to create new offerings. If before the festive period your occupancy rate was low and your revenue suffers because of it then it isn’t enough to just stick with the usual. A great way to increase hotel revenue during the festive season is by hosting events and creating packages. For example; Spa packages and retreats, business conferences, dine & stay packages, wedding & private events, concerts, parties or dances, etc.


Strategy 2: Upselling for new prospects

To find and bring in new guests to the hotel, you will need to find ways to reach them through advertising, social media, etc., as well as when they are booking on your site. By offering various deals guests would be tempted to book with your property, it is often possible to upsell to these individuals or groups during their booking process. For example; Offer to upgrade the room for a small charge, Offer additions to the room, such as a bottle of wine, Have restrictions, such as a minimum number of bookable nights or minimum bookable rooms, Provide a timed discount, Offer packages that make sense this festive period, Discounts or perks for booking multiple rooms.

Getting new prospects into your hotel is indeed more difficult than getting a previous guest to return. However, with the right upselling techniques, it is certainly possible. When creating upsells, it is important to consider the type of features that customers want in terms of upsells. They want to feel like they are getting a good deal for starters. By offering deals and upgrades for a nominal charge, it entices those people more to stay in your hotel during the holiday season.

Strategy 3: Upselling to existing guests

Many techniques can be used to help upsell to guests who have stayed at your hotel in the past. You will find that some of the techniques for new prospects will also work with your previous guests. That’s because everyone likes a deal. Some of these include Room upgrades for just a few dollars more than the rooms they’ve booked in the past or want to book now, Entice the guest to stay longer with a long stay discount, Provide discounts for staying at the hotel again, such as a rewards program – after a certain number of nights, they get a free night, for example. One of the benefits of having data on your previous guests is that you will know a lot more about them. You will know the types of rooms they prefer, the number of people who stayed in the room, whether they ordered room service, and whether they had any issues during their last stay. All of this information is valuable. It provides you with the knowledge you need to create upselling strategies that are geared to work for those people based on their preferences. Upselling to existing guests not only benefits you this season it would also increase the return rate of guests later on.

Strategy 4: Create a Festive Theme for your Hotel

The festive season is always filled with various celebrations and festive designs so should your hotel. Creating festive themes and festive packages to go along with the theme would go a long way in increasing bookings. Decorate both the exterior and interior of your hotel as well as customize your website to go along with the festive theme to make you stand out more, add holiday-themed background images to your website, ensure every promotion you run is in line with your holiday theme. By doing so, you not just spread the festive cheer, but also convey a message to your customers that your hotel is where they should stay for the holidays.

Strategy 5: Contactless Service

According to a survey by Citron, only 8% of respondents reported that they would be ok checking in and out at the hotel's front desk. This survey emphasizes that guests want a contactless and safe experience, and would likely pick a hotel that offers these services. The same survey found that around 62% of respondents would prefer to check-in and out through a mobile app.

A few contactless solutions include:

  • Mobile app for check-in and check out
  • QR code and app to access the restaurant menu and place an order.
  • A contactless solution to receive customer feedback
  • Contactless valet services
  • Contact tracing for guests and employees

Contactless service has become the need of the hour and helps guests feel safe and comfortable within your establishment. It is, therefore, a mandatory upgrade, it would also help in the promotion of your hotel as a safe haven where guests can enjoy themselves during the festive period without any worries.

Integrating multiple systems from pre-booking to post-checkout can become an expensive affair financially, in terms of resources, and also in terms of the guest experience. A reliable property management system has the power to deliver exceptional value and seamless experience to its clients' customers and therefore significantly boost business.

The festive season is a great time to not only increase revenue and bookings but to also create a significant guest base as well as get guests to return to your property. Horeca Cloud fully understands the need to maximize profit this festive season and is ready to work with you to achieve this, we offer a 360-degree hospitality solution that will not only deliver value to its clients but also offers a completely seamless experience.