November 18, 2021

Introducing: Horeca Cloud On-Premises Hotel PMS

Horeca Cloud was designed to provide you with solutions to your hospitality business problems, by providing you with both a Cloud-Based PMS and an Exceptional On-Premises PMS. Horeca Cloud’s On-Premises Hotel Management System is the right choice for hoteliers who prefer data within their own data center or have an installation on their own servers. It is backed with rich PMS features that are relied on to efficiently take over the management of your property with seamless connection to all other systems that you need to run your property, grow revenue, equip staff, expand your business, and deliver an outstanding guest experience. 

Our On-Premises Software comes with the modules and functionalities of our cloud-based system while giving you the opportunity to operate it offline, here is a breakdown of the modules;

Front-Desk: Check guests in and out of your property in a fast and efficient manner, lookup guests profile, change guest rooms, extend guests stay, be updated on guest expected arrivals and expected departure, get a fully comprehensive end of shift report as well as night audit.

Reservation Management: This allows you to make reservations easily and stores all reservations made over time reducing guest waiting time and carrying out reservations manually.

Billing and Invoicing: Easily post charges, print invoices, access payment logs, access receipts, and make payments. Generate invoices for a particular duration, access expenses payable and receivable, and get a comprehensive list of all your debtors and creditors from our on-premises hotel management system.

Check Room Availability: You can always view the availability status of rooms in your property over a specific period of time, allowing you to know rooms that are occupied, dirty, clean, and out-of-order and updating you on housekeeping status.

Rate Management: Create a new room category and assign a rate to it, change rates of various rooms in your property, create a rate and create a room type.

Maintenance: Get a comprehensive maintenance report, create and post up a maintenance issue and track the progress of the issue, make maintenance requisition and post it up for the management.

Food and Beverage Management: Carry out guest orders for both walk-in guests and room service orders, make payments with our POS feature and post guest bills. Create a new F&B location and assign a menu to it, create new menu categories and assign them to a location, create new tables and assign tables to guests from our software.

Benefits of Horeca Cloud On-Premises Hotel Management Software

Offline Availability: Our On-Premises Hotel Management software allows hoteliers to operate the software offline, so even though you have no internet connection in your property the software would be fully functional.

Flexibility: Horeca Cloud on-premises PMS is ideal for hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, serviced apartments, apart-hotels, hostels, and guest houses. Regardless of what property type your business is how software can serve all your management need.

Boost Hotel Efficiency: The on-premises PMS features and functionality were developed with the aim of improving the workflow and increasing the productivity of your property. Staff can now easily carry out all their administrative tasks with the help of our system, freeing up time to provide an exceptional guest experience.

Cloud Backup: We offer all our guests the option of having a cloud backup available at an additional price, you no longer need to rely solely on your servers to back up your data as you can also backup your data on the cloud.

Accessible: Computers in your property that have the on-premises software installed can be accessible by staff once on-site, you can also install it in an off-site location or device.

One-time Purchase: Unlike our cloud-based services that require regular subscription Horeca-Cloud on-premises PMS only requires a one-time payment. This one-time payment allows clients to negotiate a suitable payment plan that would greatly benefit both parties.

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Given the amazing benefits which you stand to gain when using our On-Premises Software coupled with the exceptional feature, what is keeping you waiting? On-board with us now and take the management of your hotel to the next level.